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One of the biggest challenges in Life Sciences is the high complexity and volume of the involved bio-data, as well as the lack of appropriate analysis tools that can be employed for the extraction of new knowledge. In the field of bioinformatics, there is an increasing trend towards the development of user-friendly tools for the analysis and interpretation of large-scale bio-data, with a variety of specialized tools and management approaches available in recent literature.

Goal of GenOptics is to implement a new platform for integrating, analyzing and visualizing multi-omics and other clinicobiogical data, by extending the functionality of established bioinformatic analysis tools through an interactive visual dashboard

Objective 1

Integrate computational data analysis processes with a flexible visualization system as a single process through a visual analytics dashboard. GenOptics’ ultimate goal is to conceal from the users the technical complexity generated from the interconnection and integration of heterogeneous and multi-omics biodata as well as the corresponding analysis tools and visualization techniques

Objective 2

A better exploitation of the accumulated volume of multi-omics data allowing the identification of new biomarkers and new therapeutic targets through targeted clinicobiological studies. The GenOptics platform will be evaluated and validated through four pilot cases: (i) chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), (ii) hepatocellular carcinoma, (iii) colorectal cancer, and (iv) cystic fibrosis



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